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Technologies can improve research, cut costs by replacing animal-derived antibodies

PETA Science Group paper published in Biotechnology Advances addresses concerns of NIH, scientific communityTime, money, and tens of thousands of animals could be saved if researchers replace…

‘Milking’ deadly jellyfish for new medicines

Venom experts have developed a new, practical and efficient technique for extracting the venom of deadly box jellyfish for use in the development of new medicines.

FDA releases draft guidance on animal drug compounding from bulk drug substances

As part of its overall efforts to address compounded drugs, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has released a draft “Guidance for Industry (GFI) #230, Compounding Animal Drugs from Bulk Drug…

FDA proposes rule to collect antimicrobial sales and distribution data by animal species

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has proposed a rule that would require animal drug sponsors of all antimicrobials sold or distributed for use in food-producing animals to obtain estimates of…

#BeCrueltyFree South Korea campaign welcomes cosmetics bill requiring mandatory use of alternatives, but loopholes must be closed

Humane Society International’s #BeCrueltyFree South Korea campaign joined Congresswoman Moon Jeong-Lim and officials on 11 March at the National Assembly to witness the launch of a Korean bill that…