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Why fish may become more toxic than ever

New research warns that levels of a toxic compound are on the rise in many species of fish and that this trend is set to continue. The question is: Why?

Are crickets and other creepy crawlies the new superfood?

Researchers now show that crickets and other insects pack a very high antioxidant content, which could make them top contenders as super-nutritious foods.

Eating crickets may benefit your gut health, scientists say

Have you ever been curious about introducing insects into your diet? New research suggests that eating crickets could help boost your gut health.

Progress toward the perfect pea: peas developed that will help animals absorb more protein from their diet

A group at the John Innes Centre has developed peas that will help animals absorb more protein from their diet. The study is published in PLOS ONE.

72% want information on stunning of animals when buying meat, says EU-wide study

The British Veterinary Association has called today on the European Commission to back proposals to introduce labelling of non-stun slaughtered meat after a study of 13,500 meat consumers across 27…

Engineers and scientists to examine antibiotic resistance in food chain from farm to fork

Growing evidence suggests that agricultural practices, especially widespread antibiotic use, could be contributing to the increasing antibiotic resistance problem in humans.

Vitamin D levels predict survival chances for sick cats, study finds

Cats may hold vital clues about the health benefits of vitamin D, a study suggests.

Do Antibiotics In Animal Feed Pose A Serious Risk To Human Health?

As fears rise over antibiotic resistance, two experts on bmj.com today debate whether adding antibiotics to animal feed poses a serious risk to human health…