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Why raw dog food could be harmful for pets and owners alike

Researchers have found that some raw dog food products harbor harmful bacteria that could cause infections both in dogs and their human family members.

‘Antibiotic resistance in farm animals is rising fast’

Antibiotic resistance is reaching a crisis point not just for humans, but also for farm animals bred for food, global evidence suggests.

Hospital flies carry enough ‘bugs’ of their own to cause infection

New research reveals that flying insects that make their way into hospitals can carry many harmful bacteria able to cause dangerous infections.

Garden snails may have secret weapons against aggressive bacteria

Researchers have discovered four previously unknown proteins in snail mucus, at least three of which have the potential to fight harmful bacteria.

Scorpion venom compounds can kill dangerous bacteria

Researchers have found two chemicals that are effective against dangerous bacteria. The source of these healing compounds? The venom of a Mexican scorpion.

Watch out for mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas, warn the CDC

CDC officials are concerned that diseases borne by fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks are on the rise, and new viruses have been introduced to the United States.

Platypus milk: The key to preventing deadly infections?

Everyone knows that the platypus is an oddball. However, platypus milk might help us find a solution to a pressing problem: antibiotic resistance.

Six surprising health risks in your home

The home is a safe haven, but are we aware of the health risks hidden in its nooks and crannies? Here we investigate the less obvious domestic hazards.

How does rabies cause aggression?

New research investigates the molecular mechanism that allows the rabies virus to induce aggressive behavior in the infected host.

Resistance to antibiotic of last resort found in human pathogens infecting dogs

Tigecycline is an antibiotic of last resort – one that is used when all others have failed.