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Inflammation: What can deep-diving seals teach us?

Inflammation is a part of many diseases, so researchers are keen to understand how it may be modified. A new study suggests that seals may offer insight.

Purdue researchers report sweet corn could make animal vaccines safer

Animal vaccine manufacturers could benefit from the work of two Purdue University researchers who are testing biomaterial made from sweet corn to make vaccines safer.

Alligator blood may provide basis of wartime anti-infectives

Though they feast on carrion and live in bacteria-heavy swamps, alligators rarely become ill. As such, a new project is examining their peptides for developing military medicine.

How cows could shed light on the mechanisms behind antibodies

New research reveals that studying cow antibodies could help improve the understanding of how antibodies work and lead to improved treatment for illnesses in humans and livestock.

How Humans Could Benefit From Unusual Antibodies Discovered In Cows

Humans have been raising cows for their meat, hides and milk for millennia. Now it appears that the cow immune system also has something to offer. A new study led by scientists from The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) focusing on an extraordinary fam…

Improved Vaccine Delivery System

A novel vaccine study from South Dakota State University (SDSU) headlined the groundbreaking research unveiled at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists’ (AAPS) National Biotechnology Conference (NBC). The meeting took place at the Shera…