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New swine flu epidemic could rise from rapidly evolving virus in pigs

Study shows human flu viruses rapidly evolve their antigens in pigs, creating strains unrecognized by human immune systems and raising potential for new swine flu outbreaks.

Equine influenza evolution led to canine offshoot which could mix with human influenza

Equine influenza viruses from the early 2000s can easily infect the respiratory tracts of dogs, while those from the 1960s are only barely able to, according to research published ahead of print in…

Taiwan: first human case of new bird flu virus

The world’s first case of a wild avian influenza A H6N1 virus has been confirmed in a 20-year-old Taiwanese woman. Scientists who analyzed the virus found it has a genetic mutation, allowing it to get into human cells and cause infection.Results of the…

Human-To-Pet Transmission A Concern At The Onset Of Flu Season

As flu season approaches, people who get sick may not realize they can pass the flu not only to other humans, but possibly to other animals, including pets such as cats, dogs and ferrets. This concept, called “reverse zoonosis,” is still poorly underst…