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Vitamin D tied to fertility in wild sheep

A study of wild sheep on a remote Scottish island found that higher levels of Vitamin D are linked to improved fertility and reproductive fitness in the animals.

The test tube foals that could help ensure rare breed survival

The recent birth of two test tube foals in the UK, as part of a collaborative project conducted by leading fertility experts, could help benefit rare breed conservation and horses with fertility…

Animal birth control: Long-term contraception in a single shot

Caltech biologists have developed a nonsurgical method to deliver long-term contraception to both male and female animals with a single shot.

The first step in freezing human organs: A successfully cryo-preserved whole sheep ovary

In a paper recently published in Human Reproduction, Prof Bruce Campbell and his team at the School of Medicine, Nottingham set out some exciting results on the restoration of fertility – the…

Study Suggests How Survival Of Female Embryos May Be Enhanced Under Conditions Favoring Birth Of Males

It is well known that many mammals are able to adjust the ratio of male and female young depending on the surrounding conditions at the time of conception but how precisely this is accomplished remains a matter for debate…

Exercise Affects Reproductive Ability In Horses – Findings Could Have Implications For Human Pregnancy

In the latest issue of the Journal of Animal Science, researchers at Clemson University and the University of Florida examine the impact of exercise on mare reproductive health and embryo transfer. In the study, researchers divided light-horse mares i…