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Monkeys: Past social stress impacts genes, health

New research suggests socially stressful experiences that occurred in the past leave a long lasting print on genes and health in monkeys and humans.

Newly identified genomic causes of severe compulsive behavior in dogs could further understanding of human OCD

Research led by investigators in veterinary and human medicine has identified genetic pathways that exacerbate severity of canine compulsive disorder in Doberman pinschers, a discovery that could…

Male experimenters stress lab mice, potentially distorting findings

Mice are used in lab experiments due to their genetic similarities to humans. But a new study shows findings could be skewed, as mice are stressed by presence of male scientists.

OCD dogs serve as model of the disorder in humans

Man’s best friend is helping us again, as researchers have identified four genes in dogs linked to canine OCD, which they say could shed light on the more complex human version.

Similar Brain Abnormalities Found In Dogs And Humans Affected By OCD

Another piece of the puzzle to better understand and treat obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) has fallen into place with the publication of new research that shows that the structural brain abnormalities of Doberman pinschers afflicted with canine com…