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Hard-hitting new campaign featuring real dog owners highlights devastating impact of lungworm parasite

Partners secure future of Bishop, Hendry Edwards Vets

Vets Michael Hendry and Chris Edwards are retiring at the end of the month from the practice they joined over 30 years ago. The decision to retire was always going to be an emotional one, however b…

Experienced veterinary sales professional joins Zoetis team

Zoetis has appointed Samantha Leah as an account manager working with veterinary practices in the Central region to increase customer support and bring specialist knowledge on key areas of the prod…

VN Futures project launched

The RCVS has joined forces with the British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) to launch VN Futures, a companion project to Vet Futures, which aims to draw up a blueprint for the future of the veterinary nursing profession.

A lesson in paying attention from a brown bat

Humans are wonderfully adept at homing in on only the most vital sensory information. New research using bats gives clues as to how we manage such a feat.

Dechra donation to help Welsh childrens charity

A charity that supports children with life limiting illnesses and their families in Wales is set to receive a boost from an animal health company. Dechra Veterinary Products has …

Newly identified genomic causes of severe compulsive behavior in dogs could further understanding of human OCD

Research led by investigators in veterinary and human medicine has identified genetic pathways that exacerbate severity of canine compulsive disorder in Doberman pinschers, a discovery that could…

Business Consultant Anthea Pike Joins Zoetis Equine Customer Support Team

Business Consultant Anthea Pike Joins Zoetis Equine Customer Support Team

Help educate horse owners about worming with top TV programme