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Golden Jubilee Award for veterinary nurses relaunched for 2016

The College has relaunched its Golden Jubilee Award, an accolade which recognises those veterinary nurses who are playing a leadership role within the profession.

Avian influenza expert raises concerns as USDA stockpiles vaccines

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is creating a stockpile of avian influenza vaccines, but an expert suggests careful consideration of the strategy and cautions that the strain of the next…

Researchers assess use of drug-susceptible parasites to fight drug resistance

Researchers at the University of Georgia have developed a model for evaluating a potential new strategy in the fight against drug-resistant diseases.

Nanoparticles simplify DNA identification and quantification

In an article published in Small, researchers successfully applied a new qualitative and quantitative method for the detection of a DNA sequence characteristic of Leishmania infantum kinetoplast, a…

Virginia Tech’s Verbridge and Davalos describe novel tumor treatment in Scientific Reports

In the first published results from a $386,000 National Cancer Institute grant awarded earlier this year, a paper by Scott Verbridge and Rafael Davalos in Scientific Reports has been published.

Call for candidates for RCVS and VN Councils 2016 elections

Nominations are now invited from all veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses who are eligible to stand for RCVS Council and Veterinary Nurses (VN) Council, respectively, in next year’s elections.

Use of antivirals in retrovirus-infected cats

A number of antiviral drugs are licensed and widely used for the treatment of specific viral infections in humans.

Disciplinary Committee refuses to restore former Wirral vet to the Register

The Disciplinary Committee of the RCVS has dismissed an application to be restored to the Register of Veterinary Surgeons from former Wirral-based vet Ian Beveridge.

Review examines the extent of antimicrobial resistance in bacteria from horses

Bacterial resistance to antimicrobial agents is a significant problem for both human and veterinary medicine, but little research has been done on the prevalence or mechanisms of resistance in horses…

Derbyshire veterinary nurse struck off for animal welfare failings

The Veterinary Nurses Disciplinary Committee of the RCVS has directed that a veterinary nurse be struck off the Register after she was found guilty of the unlawful possession of veterinary medicines and failing to give regard to welfare in respect of s…