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Rare parasite colonizing snails in South Florida

A rare parasite that can cause sickness in humans and animals is present in more species of snails in Florida than previously thought, potentially putting people and pets who eat snails at risk.

Put your questions to this year’s Councils elections candidates

We’re pleased to announce the candidates standing in the RCVS Council and Veterinary Nurses (VN) Council elections this year and are inviting veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses to put their questions to them directly.

Parliamentary Veterinary Intern vacancy open for applications

Veterinary graduates or undergraduates with an interest in veterinary politics and policy can apply for the position of Parliamentary Veterinary Intern at the office of Professor the Lord Trees.

Join us for ‘Meet the RCVS Day’ in March

If you want to find out more about what goes on at the College you are welcome to attend a ‘Meet the RCVS Day’ in March.

Study exposes shocking lack of rabies reporting in countries where risk is greatest

The first global survey of rabies reporting systems, recently published, has uncovered a shocking lack of preparedness against this deadly disease across Africa and Asia.

Debit cards now accepted for vet annual renewal fee payments

This year, for the first time, we will be accepting debit card payments from veterinary surgeons who are renewing their registration.

Bovine TB vaccinations and minimising ‘false positives’

Bovine tuberculosis is a major economic disease of livestock worldwide. Despite an intensive, and costly, control program in the United Kingdom, bovine TB persists.

Jumping between host species may be easier for bacteria than previously thought

The discovery that a single mutation in a bacterium that infects humans enables it to infect rabbits may change how we view risks of diseases that pass between humans and animals.

Guildford Question Time will feature both vet and VN discussions

During our next Regional Question Time, in Surrey, we will be trialling a new format by holding discussion sessions for both veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses.

New Royal Charter comes into effect

On Tuesday 17 February our new Royal Charter came into effect, meaning that the whole of the veterinary nursing profession in the UK is now regulated.