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Ancient viruses regenerated from 700-year-old frozen reindeer poop

Our knowledge of long-dead viruses is limited by their poor preservation in ancient specimens. Now, molecular genetics shows it is possible to regenerate them from frozen samples.

Alternative dispute resolution trial launched

From Monday 3 November 2014 we will be undertaking a six-month alternative dispute resolution (ADR) trial as the first step towards developing a new consumer redress system for users of veterinary services.

Vets dread cat dentals but fear not, help is at hand!

A survey published this year found that over 50% of final year veterinary students in the UK do not feel confident either in discussing orodental problems with clients or in performing a detailed…

Flu at the zoo and other disasters: Experts help animal exhibitors prepare for the worst

Here are three disaster scenarios for zoo or aquarium managers: One, a wildfire lunges towards your facility, threatening your staff and hundreds of zoo animals.

Texas A&M research sheds light on genetic causes underlying the disqualification of two elite American Standardbred pacers

A DNA mutation that can lead to horses being genetically male, but female in appearance, may explain at least two cases of controversial sexual identity, according to research led by professors…

Antibiotics may help Salmonella spread in infected animals, Stanford scientists learn

Some people infected with pathogens spread their germs to others while remaining symptom-free themselves. Now, investigators at the Stanford University School of Medicine believe they may know why.

‘Advance to Go’ at the London Vet Show 2014

We will be promoting our new Advanced Practitioner status during the London Vet Show at the Grand Hall Olympia in November.

London Vet Show (LVS) confirms specialist streams

London Vet Show has confirmed its specialist content from referral and diagnostics’ centres and commercial sponsors at this year’s conference.

In addition to the strong core content from …

Team Onswitch raise valuable funds for Canine Partners

University Challenge people at Glasgow and Edinburgh Uni’s

The valiant team who unde…

BEVA clarifies regulations on equine dental procedures

Despite the plethora of information available there still appears to be confusion amongst some horse owners, veterinary surgeons and equine dental technicians (EDTs) over who can do what in a horse…