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Veterinary Invertebrate Society seeks new members

Do you have an interest in creatures without backbones? If so, the VIS wants to hear from you! The society is also seeking input on possible subjects or topics of interest to cover in its 2014 meeting.

WikiVet announces veterinary science ‘edit-a-thon’

WikiVet and Wikimedia UK are running an “edit-a-thon” to improve freely available veterinary science information on the web.

UK mixed messages on rabies

Defra refuses veterinary calls to review the enforcement of pet travel rules in light of rabies cases.

BCF release new on farm clinical guide

A new clinical guide that explains on-farm ultrasound uses other than with pregnancy diagnosis has been released by ultrasound manufacturer BCF Technology.

Video: Why go fear-free? Dr. Marty Becker explains it all

At the Fear-Free Friday event at CVC Kansas City, Dr. Marty Becker revealed the top reasons a
veterinary practice should enhance the patient experience.

RSPCA welcomes probe into European puppy trade

EU launches investigation into puppy breeders and traders across the continent where there are growing concerns about welfare standards.

2013 Pet Health Counsellor of the Year announced

Rachel Wells, a Pet Health Counsellor (PHC) from Pype Hayes Veterinary Centre in Birmingham, has been crowned the winner of Royal Canin’s annual Pet Health Counsellor of the Year Awards 2013.

Charity: Harsher sentences for dangerous dog owners not enough

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home welcomes maximum sentence of 14 years in jail if a person dies as a result of their dog attacking, but insists more preventative action is still needed.

Charity launches new range of dog toys

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has launched a new range of dog toys, created by Battersea dog experts to enhance bonding and play between pet and owner.

Animal Medical Center hosts 2013 Zoobiquity conference in NYC

Veterinarians, physicians focus on species-spanning approach to medicine.