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RCVS clarifies disciplinary procedures

Statement released following controversial decision to strike off Zimbabwean vet.

RCVS clarifies the procedures of its disciplinary committee

Statement released following controversial decision to strike off Zimbabwean vet.

Vétoquinol makes Epiphen® support pack even better

Vétoquinol, manufacturer of Epiphen®, the No1 anti-epileptic phenobarbital for the control of epilepsy in dogs*, has added two ne…

Abstracts sought for the 7th International Colloquium on Working Equids

A working horse ridden in Cambodia. Credit: World Horse Welfare…

New RCVS guidance on microchipping

Changes announced to chapter 14 of the supporting guidance to the RCVS code of professional conduct.

Enhancing epilepsy support pack for dog owners

Vétoquinol adds “highly practical” client brochure and fridge magnet to its support pack for its Epiphen brand.

Conference told cats are not getting healthcare they need

Bayer present results of new study to delegates at the World Feline Veterinary Conference in Barcelona.

In sickness and in healthcare

A husband and wife who met over a spay more than a decade ago have opened their own small animal practice – the 224th joint venture practice to open in the UK under the Vets4Pets and Companion Care umbrella.

First Large-Scale Comparison Shows Human And Canine Lymphomas Share Molecular Similarities

Humans and their pet dogs are close, so close that they both develop a type of cancer called diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. In humans it’s the most common lymphoma subtype while in dogs, it’s one of the most common cancers in veterinary oncology…

Special moggie meal on sale for charity

More Than Pet Insurance teams up with celebrity chef Simon Rimmer to create and sell the first fine dining meal for cats to raise money for the RSPCA.